Thursday, April 12, 2018

Melaka Trip June 2017 - Day 2 Dinner - Palsaik Korean BBQ

Melaka Trip June 2017 - Day 2 Dinner - Palsaik Korean BBQ
We tried this Korean Restaurant after seeing some blogger review about the 8 flavoured pork.  We ordered the 8 Flavoured pork set that came with a Kimchi Stew.  We added some beef as the pork was not really sufficient for 4 people.  They do have an outlet in JB too. 
The waiter would do the BBQing for you.  However, this restaurant only serves a small salad and kimchi on the hot plate as side dish.  Unlike that other Korean restaurant that serves many refillable side dish. 
The milder flavoured pork were cooked first followed by the stronger flavoured ones such as curry and spicy flavour.

Kimchi Stew that comes with the set

This is my favourite grilled cheese with toppokki in the top plate.  Very interesting to be eating topokki with grilled cheese but it does help balance the saltiness from the cheese.  We ordered 2 servings of this as the children loves them too.  The below plate is buggogoli beef which tasted very good too.   I will try making the grilled cheese with toppokki at home.

You can order rice to cook in the remaining kimchi stew soup.  1 serving is only 1 bowl of rice.  You can also order instant ramen to add into the kimchi stew first and followed by rice to cook with the remaining soup.
The waiter will stir fry the rice till the soup is absorbed by the rice.  Some seaweed and cheese was added to the dish. 
The seafood pancake is nice but is a pity that the serving size is quite small. But is not oily and crispy.

It opens throughout the day.  Though some bloggers mentioned that the place will be crowded at meal times, we were there till 6.30pm on Sunday and it was not very crowded.  Maybe the crowd will come later in the evening.

Melaka Trip June 2017 - DAY 1 - Dinner @ Vera Portugese SeaFood

Melaka Trip Day 1 - Dinner at Vera Portugese Seafood
This is a MUST visit place for us on every trip.  They used to be at the front of the coffeeshop facing the main road.  But now shifted to the side of the coffee shop facing the side road.
Their Fried Chicken wings and Salted Egg Prawn are some of their signature dishes. I personally like their stir fried mixed fried vegetables.  Tempted to ask the lady boss what seasoning she uses for the stir fried mixed vegetables.  This round we only ordered the below dishes as there were only 4 of us.  

Sweet Sour Fish

Fried Sotong

Salted Egg Prawn

Stir Fried Mix Vegetables

Fried Chicken Wings
RECOMMENDED but standard did drop a bit lately.
New Hup B - 和味美食园
Lorong 1 Ujong Pasir, Kampung Atap, 75050 Melaka, Malaysia
Only opens at night around 6pm. 

Melaka Trip June 2017 - DAY 1 - Lunch @ Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant

Melaka Day 1 - Lunch @ Wa Zen Japanese Restaurant
Did some research and found this restaurant in Melaka.  A cosy place with individual rooms to dine in.  Business was very good even at 2pm in the afternoon. 

 The regular Chawamushi was smooth and good. 
 I would not recommend the Fried Salmon skin as it seemed more like a cracker.  Not freshly fried like what Ichiban does.
 Crabstick Salad tasted quite OK.  I actually ordered another crabstick appetizer but I think the waiter mistaken and brought this instead.
 This is Garlic Fried Rice, very fragrant and rice texture was good.
 Mango Tempura Prawn Sushi was very good. A recommended item. 
 This is Inari filled with Potato Salad, dipped in tempura batter and deep fried. It is then topped with a sweet sauce.  Something different.
 Our regular Crispy Ebi Tempura above.
 Egg Roll above was made in the restaurant not as sweet as the pre-made type and served warm instead of cold.
 Yakitori Pork and Pork wrapped with cherry tomato. 
 Cold Soba was good, chewy texture.  Will try Cold Udon next time.
 Claypot Udon was good.  Udon texture was Q and soup was not overly sweet or salty.

Beef Udon Soup was also nice.  The soup tasted better than the one in claypot. 
Mochi with Soy Bean Powder.  The mocha was pan fried and then coated with Sweetened Soy Bean Powder.  The mochi that I have eaten so far is usually boiled and then coated.  Try this if you are at this restaurant.
Ample car park space around. 


Warm Crab Choux Bites

Was inspired by this recipe from Baking Fanatic Blog.  I was surprised that I could make choux with bread flour / strong flour.  The result of it was a drier choux pastry which holds its shape.  Quite different from the Asian Cream Puffs that we usually see at local bakeries.  Having eating Choux in a savoury form brought my knowledge of choux to another dimension.

I made my filling with slight medication by using half the crab meat with imitation snow crab legs aka "crab sticks" which can be purchased from the supermarkets.  It gave the filling a brighter colour as compared to just using crab meat.  Lemon juice is very important as it helps cuts off the "fish"/ "crabby" smell from the frozen crab meat. 

Ideal as a finger food for a party.  Choux and filling can be baked a day ahead and re-heat up in the oven for a while to freshen it up a bit before adding the filling.  However to be cautious not to over bake them as they will harden / dry up a bit making it not a nice. 

Will I make it again? Definitely a YES.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Frasier Choux: Traditional cake in choux pastry form

This is another recipe tried from Daily Delicious Blog.  I doubled the quantity and made a ring and a few individual choux pastry.  My young son as usual was hovering round the desserts while waiting for it to be served after the photo taking.  Daily Delicious has published a detailed step by step on making choux pastry.  Making this needed quite a bit of effort, other than the choux and cookie dough, the pastry cream and butter cream had to be made.  I simplified 1 step by using store bought non dairy whipping cream instead of making buttercream.  The end product should be equally good.  I asked one of the tasters if the pastry would still be good if only pastry cream was used.  His opinion was the whipping cream added to the texture of the puff and should not be left out.  

These are the single serving choux puffs which were easier to serve instead of a ring one.   I have made both the strawberry and longan version.  The strawberries are a bit tart, and helps to reduce the sweetness and also gives a prettier effect to the puff.  The longan version would be much preferred for those who do not fancy strawberries,  I personally prefer the longan version of this.