Monday, May 30, 2011

Longan Tart

I have bought loose bottom tart tray few months back. Since then, I have been thinking of what to make with it. Looking at the Crostata recipe at Dailydelicious website makes my heart flutter. As berries are not very popular in my family, I have decide to use a more tropical fruit - canned longans.

I have used the pastry cream and sweet crust pastry from JoyofBaking for my masterpiece above.


boweiz said...


Sara said...

Omg!, i love longan! ive nerver seen anyone make a tart out of it. looks delicious though!

Vicky said...

cute and delicious!
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Copy Puppy said...

Hmmm Longan, is that something like lychees or rambutan? Looks cute, and I'm sure it tasted awesome! And good choice with the crust recipe from joy of baking, I LOVE Stephanie Jaworski's recipes!

PetitBakes said...

Thanks Copy Puppy for your compliments. Yes, Longan is a tropical fruit like lychees and rambutans but smaller in size.

This tart is indeed delicious.