Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Break Making Lesson 2

These are the bread that I have made in Bread Making Class Lesson 2. The Spinach Bread with Tuna Filling was one of my favourite. The sandwich loaf and the pork floss bun was very nice as well. Each group had to knead the bread dough for the pork floss bun, sandwich loaf as well as the dough for the doughnuts. While the dough for the other 2 types of bread was made by Judy the instructor with the giant commerical bread making machine.
We were taught how to pleate the raisin buns with 2 strings of dough which was quite difficult as well as to make a knot with 1 string of dough. At the end of each lesson, we usually go home with a large container full of buns and with our whole body smelling of bread. (A walking bun??!!!)

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