Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cake Making Stage 2 - L4

This was the fourth and last lesson of Cake Making Stage 2. I am glad that the course has ended as I was feeling rather tired from all these lesson. The last lesson was slightly disappointing as we were only taught one type of cake, which was the Green Tea Mousse Cake. Judy prepared broiled red beans for us to put in the cake, but my partner and I weren't a great fan of red beans, thus we decided to exclude them.

The other two items taught were the chequed cookies which I have to admit is a very time consuming cookie to make. As the dough is very soft due to the high butter content, it had to be returned to the fridge after every few steps to be hardened again before we can continue. I am quite sure I won't make these cookies.

The scones were quite nice. Tasted a bit like cake and also like bread. It uses bread flour for the recipe. I am thinking of trying them out with normal plain flour to see the difference. I felt that bread flour gave it a very dense texture and wonder if using plain flour would result in a lighter texture for the scone. Will let you know when I try it out in future.

Christmas is fast approaching and I have been busy baking biscottis to freeze up so that I can slice and rebake them again closer to christmas for my sister who has requested 15 boxes and 20 mini packs to give away to her colleague.

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