Thursday, December 18, 2008

White Chocolate Almond Cake

I recently bought a book called 'Crave - A passion for Chocolate' by Maureen McKeon. For some reason, I love this book. The recipes are easy to follow and not that difficult to make. And the cakes tastes good. This was the first recipe from this book. White chocolate Almond Cake with a white chocolate glaze.

I was doing stock taking on my ingredients to realise that I had 1/2 a kg of compound white chocolate bought months earlier meant to be used for cake decorations, but the problem with these white chocolate was that they do not melt properly and it was impossible to do any cake decoration with it. Instead of wasting ingredients, I decided to melt the chocolate and use it for this cake. Half of it went to the cake, half of it went to making a glaze for it.

The cake turned out pretty well and was quite well liked by some of my colleagues. I personally do not fancy the cake as the white chocolated tasted a bit like condensed milk to me.

White chocolate is very sensitive to temperature. Too high a temperature, it gets burnt. After you have opened a bag of white compound chocolate, it cannot be kept too long even though you try to keep it in an air tight and cool place. Judy, my baking teacher thought it could be due to some evaporation of the moisture in the white chocolate resulting in it not being able to melt properly. Thus conclusion would be to buy good quality compound chocolates in small quantities and try to finish using them ASAP.

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