Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mini Mango Mousse Cake

Mother's day is this weekend but my parents were going off for a short holiday so I decided to make some cakes for my mom as well as my mom-in-law last weekend. I did some Kaya Pandan Cake for my mom as I recalled her talking about it some months back. And my mom-in-law wanted a normal Chiffon Pandan Cake. No pictures taken as they looked similar to what I had made before in one of the posting.

Last Saturaday morning, I went to the market to get some water chestnuts. Though my inital intention was only $1 of water chestnut from the vegetable store, I ended up buying $10 of vegetables and fruits from the store owner. He recommended snake beans (蛇豆)to me and told me it was 10 times better tasting than the normal long beans and that I will love it. They looked like long beans but was slightly broader and grossly ugly, with very rough skin. No pictures though as my mom-in-law eagerly broke the long beans into shorter stems ready for cooking. She said that she was looking for this for a long while and also commented that it tasted better than normal long beans. I fried it with sambal chilli and I thought it tasted almost similar to normal long beans and frankly speaking I don't fancy them. I was never a fan of long beans and would prefer french beans to long beans.

Besides the long beans, the store owner recommended mangoes to me. He said that he bought it for own consumption and sold some of the extras. I was septical as the mangoes didn't smell frangrant. But he assured me that they were sweet. So all in all, I spent $10 at the vegetable store instead of $1.

So with the mangoes bought, I made the mango mousse cake and used the recipe I learnt at Creative Culnaire. One quantity of the cake recipe could make about 15 mini mango mousse cakes.
These mini mango mousse cakes are easier to manage and decorate as compared to a regular 9" cake.


Liat said...

looks yummy, can you share the recipe?

PetitBakes said...

Hi Liat,

I am sorry that I am not able to share the recipe I used for this as it is copy right from the school.

You could make use of recipe from Sweet Decadenze

It should give you something similar.