Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thoughts ... Baby

Its been months since I uploaded anything. Have been busy with taking care of the baby, supervising my elder one on his school work that I hardly have much time for myself these days. Felt a bit low initially with the lost freedom and frustrated with Baby contantly wanting to be carried.

Thankfully these not so happy days have passed and with Baby half a year old now, situation has improved. At least I am now back to work and baby smiles more than he cries now. He is now able to recognise people around him and smiles and laughs when we talk or play with him.

I am also able to find some time to do some bakes and cook. But then too lazy to take pictures these days as most of the what I make are similar to what I have done previously.


Ingrid said...

Sweet picture!

arjun said...

very nice picture