Tuesday, August 21, 2012

High Tea @ HoMe

Not satisfied with the last High Tea session at 10 Scotts, I decided to have my own High Tea session @ Home.
The items that were made: 
  1. Four types of sandwiches - Spicy Sardine, Egg Mayo, Chicken Cumcumber Mayo and Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese
  2. Cranberry Scones
  3. Raspberry Jelly with Cocktail Fruits
  4. Mini Mozeralla balls and Cherry Tomatoes in Oregano Garlic Olive Dressing
The items that were bought:
  1. Apple Strudel
  2. Nonya Kueh from Bengawan Solo
  3. Cakes from Four Leaves (Strawberry Cake, Chocolate Classico, Cheesecake, Blackforest Cake)
  4. Samosa
  5. Popcorn chicken (For the kids)
  6. Mini Taiwan Sausag (For the kids)
The 2 boys were especially happy.  The older boy espeically liked the Smoked Salmon Cheese Sandwich and the younger boy kept munching on the Popcorn Chicken.

I bought various types of flavoured tea bags from Lipton - Strawberry, Vanilla, Peppermint, Peach, etc.

I was slightly disappointed with my scones though.  Not as fluffy as I hoped it would be.  I used a recipe from my previous baking class which used bread flour.  It was a bit on the heavy side but was quite all right when eaten warm.  I even went all the way to MarketPlace at Raffles City to buy clotted cream.  (Actually this is the first time tasting what clotted cream was.  The cream has a yellowish surface unlike those that was served in hotels with scones.  I highly suspect that those cream that came with scones at High Tea sessions in Hotels were not real clotted cream but just some whipped up heavy cream).

On the whole it was a fun experience. This should be done again some other time.


AgentShabbir said...

You did such a great job, this looks fab I'll need to join you for high tea one day!


Jean Anderson said...

Ymmy ...it looks great.