Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zojirushi Mini Bread Maker

This is my newly acquired toy - a Zojirushi Mini Bread Maker. I have been looking at bread makers for a long while and I fell in love with this one almost immediately. This is not only sleek, on top of that, it does not take up much storage space. This criteria extremely crucial as we have limited storage space at home.

It also allows you to preset the baking time such that you can load the machine with the raw ingredients the night before and get freshly baked bread the next morning. Freshly baked bread is the best and what my MIL and I like most is the fragrant crust at the side of the bread.

Bread baked with no preservatives and bread improver is best eaten the day it is baked.

No regrets with this new toy as not only does it make bread, it allows you to make jam too. A worthwhile investment in my opinion.


AgentShabbir said...

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread! Cool that it makes jam as well.


niceyfemme said...

How much is it? It's been a few months now so how do you find it? I'm considering this one too and like you kitchen appliances are my toys :)

PetitBakes said...

The breadmaker costs about SGD250 when it was on offer at OG in Singapore. Usual price is about $300 I think. Can be purchased in any electronic stores like Courts and Best Denki.