Friday, June 07, 2013

Melaka Trip May 2013 - Day 2

Day 2 after breakfast, we headed to buy our usual favourite top hat cookies, coconut cookies from this wholesale provision shop next to Ban Hong Xiang Teahouse. Don't bother to bargain as the lady boss would not give discount to non locals but we are ok since the cookies are not expensive and most importantly, they taste good.    After that we headed down to Tong Hup to buy stationeries. This is wholesales stationery shop which we found it by accident during our last trip.  I bought another 2 boxes of correction tape as someone in our house uses up 1 correction tape per week.  Per correction tape costs about RM$1 which is cheap.  They also sell other stationeries such as Faber Castell brand pens, colour pencils, erasers at wholesale prices.  

After shopping, we tried to locate the Char Siew Stall at Medan Makan Boon Leong again.   It is not easy to find a parking place near the eating place, so be prepared to park elsewhere and do a bit of walking.  At 11am, there was a long queue in the shop.  You only need to queue if you want to pack.  If you are eating there, just take a seat and they will serve you.  You will be served quite fast when you are eating there.  But the general hygiene of the place is not too good, so be mentally prepared.  As we were not hungry yet, we packed rice with Char Siew, roasted pork and fried cabbage.  On top of that, we packed additional Char Siew.  They also have other dishes like beancurd with pork, curry chicken, stir fried chicken, etc, something like 菜饭.  As you see in the picture, they pack their food in plastic sheet and newspaper.  (Save the environment?)  They do have styrofoam boxes upon request.   The Char Siew sauce is nice, not too salty and tastes good with the rice.  I will visit this place again the next time I visit Melaka.

In the afternoon, I ventured out on my own to Jonker Street again to hunt for my Poh Piah Lwee.  It was a long walk from the hotel to the place as it was right in front of the Street.  The Poh Piah was nice with fragrant lard inside.   I also bought a Nonya Chang to try.  The taste of the Chang is different from the ones we find in Singapore.  Generally nice.  I like the Poh Piah but my MIL doesn't.  She says the poh piah skin was too soft and sticks to her teeth.  One thing I notice is the poh piah skin used in Melaka is slightly different from those we find in Singapore.  The skin there is on the softer and chewy side while ours is on the dry side. 

After swimming and relaxing in the bath tub, we wanted to drive all down to Restaurant Lu Yeh Yen for dinner but MIL said she wanted to stay in the hotel.  So we decided to pack and have dinner at the hotel instead.  We packed Sweet Sour Crab (which was similar to our Chilli Crab version), stir fried vegetables, Thai Chicken, Fried Mee Suah, and Fried Rice.  The food is good and the for the 5 items we paid RM$95.  Again, this is a place that we will visit again on our next trip.  But next round, we will eat there.  

You can visit Carol's blog  to view more details of this place as well as the address, operating hours and menu.

We also bought some fried butterfly and desserts from a corner stall near Lu Yeh Yen Restaurant.  The Fried butterfly was crispy and fragrant but the desserts were not no good.  Do try the fried butterfly if you happen to be near Lu Yeh Yen Restaurant.

Time always flies when you are on holiday.  After all the good food, it was time to say good bye but we will be back.  

Here are some eating places that I wanted to visit but didn't have time to.  We will do it on our next visit.
  1. Sun May Hiong Pork Satay (intestine satay)
  2. Pin Pin Hiong Coffee Shop at Jonker Street (mee suah soup, hainanese pork chop)
  3. Coconut Milkshake
  4. Tengkera Putu Piring

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