Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dinner - Western Home Style

Made dinner last Saturday, western style it was.  I did our favourite Baked Potato with Bacon Bits and Sour Cream.  Quite some effort of fry Bacon Bit, but it is worth the while as compared to buying artifical bacon bits from the supermarket. 

Pork Patties Recipes (Makes 5 large or 10 small patties)

500g minced pork
2 medium size onions (coarsely chopped)
3 tbsp chopped corriander
10g of breadcrumbs
Salt, pepper, sugar for taste

Mix all ingredients together, season accordingly to your taste.  Make them into 5 large patties or 10 smaller patties.  (Corriander helps to give the patties a nice fragrant, so does onion)
Pan fry on slow fire as it takes a while for the patties to be thoroughly cooked, especially if you are making large patties.

Cameralised Onions (Topping for meats or pork patties)
5 large yellow onions  (cut into thin wedges)

Stir fry onion over low fire till cameralised.  Takes about 1hr but worth the while.
Check this Simply Recipe for the details on how to make Cameralised Onions.

I made Lamb Chops using frozen lamb chops from NTUC.  A pack of 10 pieces of frozen lamb chops costs $10 compared to 1 piece of fresh lamb chop costing $6.10.

Lamb chops
Marinate with salt, pepper and dried rosemary.  Rosemary helps to remove some of that lamb odour.  Pan fry shortly, about 1 min per side.  Frying lamb too long will make them tough.  Enjoy them with mint sauce.

Last but not least, make any side dish you fancy to go with  your meats.  Boiled carrots, corn, brocoli, toss salad with French Dressing, French Fries, Onion Rings ... the list goes on....