Monday, April 04, 2016

Buffet @ The Square Furama

Had lunch at The Square @ Furama last weekend. The food was decent and desserts were good considering that it was under 1 for 1 promotion. 

Here are some pictures of the items from the buffet.  There were also roasted beef rump and a huge fish which I did not take as I was too busy indulging in the food.

Chilled seafood consisting of prawns, octopus, salmon sashimi, some snails which I did not dare to try.  The prawns were good.  However, there were only sliced lemons and chilli mayonnaise to go with these chilled seafood.  It would be good it there were more condiments like thai chilli sauce, mayonnaise, Tabasco sauce.  

Smoked hams and salmon in the above photo.

A variety of salads. I tried the Thai squid which in my opinion was a bit lacking in taste.

I personally liked this fried fish coated with a fruity sauce.

Pandan chicken which I did not try as I took too much desserts.  Hainanese Pork Chop was good.

There was also a DIY ban mien counter.  The soup base was quite good.  Besides the above dishes, there were also melon pork soup that was very tasty and tomato soup which was quite appetizing, with a tinge of sourness.  A cheese counter with 3-4 types of cheese that you can eat with crackers or walnut and dried fruits.  There was an eggplant dish and stir fried black pepper beef which went very well with plain rice.

The desserts at the buffet were quite decent.  The best dessert for the day was Salted Gula Melaka Pandan Cake.  Apple cobber and Chocolate Lava Pudding were also a few of my personal favorite.

The assorted cakes and shooters were very good.  However, I found the cream puffs filling too light with some diluted cream perhaps.  Red bean agar agar was interesting and also good.

The Chocolate Mud Slab was the chef recommendation but I was not too impressed by it.  There were assorted fruits, white fungus soup and 6 flavours of ice cream - jackfruit, yummy raisin, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and yam.

The hotel was very nice to have prepared a slice of cake.  This is the Salted Gula Melaka Pandan Cake that I like.  Those who like pandan cakes and gula melaka, don't missed this item which was also in the dessert area. 

With the 1 for 1 promotion ongoing, it is quite worth while to give it a go, It is about $34.20 nett per pax under this promotion.

Monday to Sunday
Buffet Lunch:S$58.00++ (A)  S$16.00++ (C)
Buffet Dinner:S$68.00++ (A)  S$20.00++ (C)

Some after thoughts of this restaurant:
  • The lighting in the restaurant was quite dim and I found that it does not bring out the food appearance and at times I wonder what I was eating especially as we were seated quite far away from the windows. 
  • It might be good if they could serve mee siam or laksa at the noodle counter.
Will I come back again? Yes, I would not mind if it was under 1 for 1 promotion.  :)

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