Thursday, April 14, 2016

Charcoal Grill Seafood @ JB Bukit Indah

Visited this place over last weekend.  Seems like eating tiered steamed seafood is the current trend now.  It was something new to see all the food steamed in a tall 9 tier steamer.  The seafood are steamed with minimal or no seasoning.  The whole idea is to taste the freshness of the seafood.  They provided a few simple dipping sauce made of fish sauce or just chilli padi with soya sauce.   There was a oily sauce that tasted like some BBQ dripping.   All the steamed seafood dripping would drip down to the bottom last tier which consists of a soup with some cabbage and tung hoon. Perhaps due to the multiple layers of seafood, the soup had an overwhelming fishy taste.  

The 9 tier seafood costs RM495.  We ordered some other times like fried chicken wings which in my son's opinion was kind of tasteless.  I found the chilli paste on the grilled stingray quite spicy.  The roast chicken tasted normal.  We also ordered sambal balachan fried rice which is not in the photos. That was quite fragrant.  Total damage - RM 650.  Not cheap and I would prefer to eat something nicer if I was paying that price. 

Address found below:
Charcoal Grill Seafood 
18 Jalan Bestari 3/2 81300, Taman Nuss Bestari, Johor Skudai, Johor Malaysia

It is opposite Tesco Bukit Indah, at one of the shophouses on the right of Giant supermarket.

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