Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Diamond Kitchen @ Science Park Drive

I would call this a high class zhi cha eating place with air condition.  Visited this place last Sunday for dinner.   The Pumpkin Tofu was quite unique.  People who loves pumpkins may love this.  I prefer Crispy Fried Bean Curd with Chicken Floss.  The salted egg squid was quite usuall. I found the chef recommendation Champagne Pork Ribs was a bit dry.  

I did not try the Sauna Prawn but apparently is just to appreciate the freshness of the prawns. Stir Fry Nai Bai with Bacon was quite unique though, something different to eat vegetables with fried bacon. My personal favourite was the Beehoon La La.  I usually do not like Hokkien Noodles as some places tends to overcooks the noodles and they become soggy.  The Hokkien Noodle here to my surprise did not have the super strong 'ki' taste and the noodles were cooked just right.  

Have a look at their website here Diamond Kitchen for their menu and prices as well as their contact. Reservations recommended as it seems like a popular place.  They provide free valet parking as well. 

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