Thursday, April 24, 2008

Japan Trip 2008 (Part 2)

Bento in the first picture was something we bought because it looked appetitizing but to my great disappointment, it tasted like eating food kept in the fridge overnight. And it was not cheap mind you - 1300Yen ~ SGD$18
The second picture was some potatoes that this shop near Asakusa was selling. Costs 1000Yen ~ $14 but was very sweet. There are many desserts in Japan that are very sweet. Guess this is what they like.
The third picture was taken in a food market. All cakes for sale were place in showcases, not only do each of them look beautiful, their price per slice is not cheap as well - 500Yen ~ $7 per slice. Taste wise was pretty good for some of them and I guess we had to pay a premium for them because they sat in pretty showcaese ;)
As you can see, I bought mainly fanciful cookie cutters/moulds of various cartoon characters and of course plenty of titbits.

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