Thursday, August 14, 2008

Petite Four Class Lesson 1

This month of Aug is a busy month for me as I am taking both the Basic Cake Making Class which consists of 4 lessons and also the Petite Four Class which consists of 3 lessons.

The first lesson for Petite Four, we were taught to make four items as shown above, starting from the top.
  1. Bananarama - a light banana cake coated with chocolate ganache.
  2. Amore - made from a very frangrant sweet crust pastry, topped with a chocolate cream, strawberry and a piece of pretty heart shaped white chocolate.
  3. Raspberry Chocolate Jewels - made of sweet crust pastry and a raspberry chocolate mousse.
  4. Coffee buttons - consists of a sponge cake with a coffee ganache filling.
I like the Bananaram the best as chocolate and banana goes really well together. It amazes me how a chocolate ganache can be further mixed with whip cream and flavouring to become another filling or decoration item. In this first lesson, we were also taught how to make some parts of a pastry item ahead of time and assembling the item before it is being served.

I really like the thought of being able to eat a variety of mini pastries as compared to eating a large slice of cake. Well, I like variety and perhaps it is self-consoling to feel that I am eating a small portion of a sinful dessert = less fattening?? This theory may or may not be true though but the thought of being able to eat more variety is definitely delicious.

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