Thursday, August 21, 2008

Petite Four Class Lesson 2

I attended the Petite Four Class 2 last Monday. Lesson 2 was better in terms of pace as some of the items used were prepared in Lesson 1. Our instructor Judy emphasized on Mis En Place which means the preparation work head of time. For the Petite Four class, we made our Pâte Sucrée during Lesson1 and this will be used for the subsequent lessons.
In Lesson 2, we did four items, namely
  1. Apricot Passion Fruit Tartlets - a sweet crust pastry, topped with a Apricot Chocolate Ganache.
  2. Mini Fruities - Layers of sponge cake sandwiched with custard filling, surround by a layer of heart shaped chocolate sheet and topped with various types of fruits.
  3. Angle Head - Made of the sponge cake 'droplets' that we made in Lesson 1, sandwich with lemon curd and decorated with snow sugar and chocolate ganache piped on the top.
  4. Rhubard Rolls - Rhubard rolled between a thin layer of sponge, and a lemon curd filling.

Unfortunately no Rhubards where found in the local supermarkets, thus we have to substitute it with strawberries which tasted good with the lemon curd as well.

My personal favourite were the Mini Fruities which were light. We were taught to make various fruit base ganache. However, for some reason, I personally do not like the taste of fruit puree mixed with chocolate.

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