Monday, June 08, 2009

Dishonest Cake Shop at Bukit Merah Central


Forgetting that there was a Han's near my workplace, I resorted to buying a cake at a neighbourhood bakery shop - Sweet Ring at Bukit Merah Central. This neighbourhood cake shop has been around for many years and I thought that the cake quality won't be that bad. Thus I chose this cake that looked the best out of all the cakes in the display fridge. However, maybe due to tiredness or maybe due to the glaring 2 red cherries, I have failed to spot the dried up fresh grape that was lying at the centre of the 2 red cherries behind Garfield. The fresh grape was all wrinkled and almost rotten. It was only when I got home, took out the cake that I noticed the grape. The cake shop had got the cheek to charge me $12 for this 4" cake which to our extreme dismay, it turned out that the cake was extremely stale. Base on my experience, this cake could have been in their display fridge for at least 3 weeks to 1 month!

The sponge cake was extremely dry. Stale should be the more correct word to use. After taking 1 mouth of it, we decided to throw it away. Don't think we want to risk food poisioning and have to spend further money to see a doctor.

Anyway, lesson learnt, never to buy cakes off the shelf from this Sweet Ring Cake shop. In fact, the bread they baked didn't look nice as well and they aren't cheap. I really wonder how they can survive so long at Bukit Merah.

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