Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Cheesecake

Dad asked for cheesecake for Father's Day. I used the same recipe as the cake chessecake I baked for my son's Birthday excluding the Oreo Biscuits inside the cheesecake.

Pardon me for the messy handwriting. Doing writings on cakes is something that I need to definitely improve on.

I bought a new recipe book -
Bit Size Desserts by Carole Bloom over the weekends at Kinokuniya since there was 20% storewide for members. Initially, I thought I would wait till this book was available at the library to see what the book was like before buying. But after waiting for 2 months, still no sign of it being available at the library and the thought of the book keeps appearing in my mind. In the end, I decide to take the risk and just buy the book.

Well, no regrets buying the book. The recipes were interesting and it included weights of ingredients in ounces instead of just cup measurements. There were also pictures includes for many of the recipes so you actually get to see how the outcome of the recipes would be like.

A good book to add to my collection.

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