Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Low Iodine Recipes - Part 2

During these 2 weeks, I realised that simple cooked vegetables and meats can taste as good. Salt naturally brings out the flavours of food. In the past, I would have added all sorts of seasoning such as oyster sauce, soya sauce, chicken stock, chicken granules while cooking a plate of vegetables. Here is a simple stir fry vegetable dish which goes well with 小白菜. Again, no photos.

Stir Fry Greens
300g 小白菜 / or any green leafy vegetables
1 tsp garlic
dash of salt and sugar

Heat up 1 tbsp of oil in frying pan.
Stir fry garlic till fragrant.
Add in vegetables and stir fry quickly.
Sprinkle a dash of salt and sugar
Serve. (Once cooked dish out immediately)

Rostti (Potato Pancakes)
1kg of potato (choose those from Indonesia or any type that is not too starchy)
Some flour

Shred the potatos into thin sticks.
Sprinkle with salt and some flour.
Heat up flat frying pan. Put some oil.
Spread out shredded potatoes sticks to form a pancake
Fry till edges are crispy. Serve.

Note: This can be served with sour cream and chopped spring onion if it is allowed in your diet.

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