Monday, October 20, 2008

Chicken Rice

It has been a while since I posted dishes online. Not that I have not been cooking, but more of I was getting lazy to think how to arrange the dish nicely for photo taking. This plate of chicken rice was arranged by Hub.

This was our family's Saturday dinner - Hainanese Chicken Rice. My first time making this and after consulting a few books on the cooking time of the chicken, I decided on 1/2 hr boiling time for the chicken before soaking it in cold water to cool it down.
Besides chicken rice, I made oyster sauce veggie and also vegetable soup. The chicken was slightly still on the raw side for some of the thicker parts of the chicken such as the thigh. Next time I shall boil the chicken maybe 40mins to make sure it is cooked.
Though I can use some of the chicken soup to cook the rice, I used a Hainanese Chicken Mix which I bought from NTUC. The result was a very flavourful and frangrant rice.

I am not sure, but lately I have been turning to using ready mix for cooking chilli crabs, curry chicken etc. I was questioning myself if I was turning lazy or what but then, some of these ready mixes really tasted pretty good. So why even bother to go to the extend of grinding chilli, onions, garlic, ginger etc, just to cook something. It not only need less effort and results in quite nice dishes as well. Well, with all the extra time I have, I will use it for my baking. I still think I prefer baking to cooking.

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