Monday, October 20, 2008

Kuey Lapis

One master piece that I was proud of over this weekend was to successfully make this Kuey Lapis. The recipe was obtained from Mad Baker - one of the blog sites that I visit frequently. Slightly more tedious than making a whole cake as every layer has to be baked slowly. To make this, I think you will need at least 1.5-2hrs in general to complete the whole cake.

This cake turned out to be less moist as compared to those from some renowned bakery shops. But I felt that it was better, as it was not as oily as compared to some that I have eaten before. This cake is not be eaten in large quantities considering the fact that it uses 20 egg yolks and 500g of butter to make an 8" square cake!

What happens to the egg whites from these 20 egg yolks? Well, I am already planning what to do with the egg whites. Biscottis of course! Unless along the next few days I find something different to do.


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