Monday, October 20, 2008

QQ Balls

These QQ Balls were made out of a Korean Bread Mix which I have asked a colleague to purchase for me while she was at Marine Parade. A flour mix which you only need to add egg and milk according to the instructions behind the box. Unfortunately, the instructions were in Korean but I was lucky enough to have a Korean colleague whom I asked to help me translate the instructions to English.

These little balls tasted fantasic fresh from the oven. They are a bit crispy on the outside and a chewy texture inside which we call it as QQ in chinese. Slightly sweet and frangrant from the black seasame seeds that came with the flour mixture. My dad ate it with some butter and jam and he felt that it tasted better that way.

The disappointing part about these QQ balls was that they became quite tough to chew on after it has cooled down completely. Tough to the extend that my mother-in-law decided to catagorise them as rubber bands.

On the whole, good to eat while freshly baked, but not that good to leave it too long. I don't think I will buy the mix again to do this.

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