Monday, July 14, 2008

Chicken Pau

There is this stall that sells hand made paus near where I live and I love the softness of the bun and the taste of the filling and I wished I could make paus like that. While chatting with a colleague one day, we decided to try our hands on making paus. It was then decided that my colleage would make the cha siew pau while I try making the chicken pau. Remember the siew mai filling that I made earlier on, I decide to mix it with the chicken filling that was in the recipe for "San Yok Pau" in the Dim Sum Book by Agnes Chang.

The taste and smell of the filling was superb receiving thumbs up for the taste and the smell. I was however slightly disappointed with the result of the dough as the recipe in the book didn't turn out as white as I hope it would be. After steaming the colour of the buns turned slightly yellowish. Some sources online mentioned that it could be due to oversteaming or too much baking powder. So I continue pondering on the question of how to make white soft pau.

I have been analysing the techniques of making 'smiling pau' where the buns will 'bloom' after steaming. But it takes 3 days to complete the fermentation of the dough. It is only then that the buns would smile but by then, I hope I can still smile along with the pau.

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