Monday, July 14, 2008

Siew Mai

I finally got myself to make this from a Dim Sum book from Hong Kong. The quantity in the recipe was large. Eg ingredients for making 100 pcs. Why would I want to make 100 siew mai, thus I had to do some division to make it into a smaller portion. A mixture of meat, prawns and mushroom with season. The meat had to be mixed with ice cubes before adding in the other ingredients.

I didn't have a mixer, with a K hook, so I end up beating the meat with my hands. The result was good. The original recipe actually had a Part II filling for the top of the siew mai that was made of shrimps and seasoning. I thought the Part I filling was good enough for siew mai, thus I have omitted making the Part II. (Another partial reason was that I was getting a bit lazy and tired after beating the Part I filling with my hands).

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