Monday, July 14, 2008

Dragon Fruit Chiffon Cake

Six dragonfruits appeared on Friday evening in the kitchen. It was brought over by my hub's uncle. No one in the house was a fan of dragon fruits, so I thought I would try to make use of it to make a chiffon cake from Kelvin Chai's - Chiffon Cake is Done book. Is uses red dragon fruit for the recipe. I wonder what colour was the dragonfruit that was brought over but I suspected it to be white as that is the most common one available locally.

With white flesh, it would mean that the cake would turn out white with black dots from the seeds of the fruit. I decided to add some red colouring to give the cake a slight pinkish colour. The fruit I had didn't have much flavour and the recipe calls for a tablespoon of lemon which gave the cake a slight freshing sourish taste.

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