Monday, July 21, 2008

Mooncake Lessons

My colleague and I attended the Mooncake Class at Creative Culinaire last Friday evening to learn how to make the Traditional Mooncake and the Teochew Yam Spiral Mooncake. My objective was maintly to learn how the spiral mooncakes is being done as I already have some knowledge on making the Traditional Mooncake through my own trial and error at home. I used to make Traditional Mooncake years back and my mother-in-law would tell me that she wants 'x' number of boxes to give to relatives. There is usually not enought to go round. However, after the birth of my son, I have stopped making mooncakes and now that he is bigger, and I have more free time, I may venture into this mooncake business again.

This is the Teochew Spiral Yam Mooncake that was taught in the class. We were taught how to make the yam filling as well. It takes quite a lot of effort to make the flaky skin as the dough needs to be rolled out thinly to create the layers. The thinner the dough is rolled, the flakier the end result. This type of mooncakes cannot be kept very long due to the nature of the skin and have to be eaten within 3 days whereas the Traditional Mooncake can be kept for a month and it seems that it tastes better the longer it is kept.

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