Thursday, April 11, 2013

小白菜 - Growing Xiao Bai Cai at Home

My second attempt in growing xiao bai cai at home succeeded.  The first round was not very successful as these vegetables need plenty of sunlight and water.  They must be grown in a brightly lighted place preferably with sun shining directly at them.  They need a lot of water also.  I grew 2 pots of these over a period of about 2 months.  There is a sense of satisfaction when you harvest them.  Unfortunately, my 2 pots of vegetables only yielded a small plate of fried vegetables.  It is only then, that you realise how much time and effort it is needed to grow vegetables that we pick up effortlessly from the supermarket everyday and how much we take for granted the efforts of the farmers that grow these vegetables for our consumption.


Anonymous said...

You did well. I currently have seedling of lots of herbs, chillies, carrots, salad leaves,tomatoes and peas. I can't wait to eat home grown. I need to get some strawberry seeds and a blueberry bush this week too. How did they taste? x

PetitBakes said...

They taste good. I have grown herb like peppermint, and basil. It is nice to eat home grown.

Lee Roxy said...

where can I purchase the seeds for this vegetable?