Friday, April 19, 2013

Ma-Maison @ Bugis

The kids and I were out with my sister and her friend last weekend.  Ma-Maison was recommended by my sister.  It is a small restaurant, a place for people to go there for drinks after work.  The list of food on the menu was quite limited in choices.  I chose the set lunch show above.  It came with some pasta, tomato fried rice in an omelette  burger steak and  a sunny side up.  My elder son chose some kind of a beef stew with fried butter rice in an omelette   We didn't really like the taste of the beef stew.  My sister selected the steak, which out of so many items, we thought that was the best dish.  Strangely enough, the waiter didn't ask how well we want the steak to be cooked.  The steak came cooked medium well.  It was very tender and juicy with a taste of worcestershire sauce.  Extremely yummy and after having a taste of that steak, all of us regretted all the other items we have ordered.  

No pictures for the steak as we were so busy eating that I forgot to snap a picture of it.  The onion soup was tasty with the melted cheese on top of it.  The kids were fighting to eat up all the melted cheese from the top of the soup.

Do go there if you like steaks or beef patties.  The tonkatsu with rice looked nice too from the opposite table.  Limited choices for seafood or chicken dishes.  

Average spending per person ~ SGD $20

Ma-Maison Restaurant 
Address: Bugis Junction #02-51, 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021  
Tel: 63384819

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