Thursday, April 02, 2009

Devil's Chocolate Cheesecake


I made this last Sunday for my own birthday.
Hub said "it was ridiculous to be baking my own birthday cake".
I replied "What wrong?"
Hub said "You don't give birth do yourself do you?"
I replied "I can't but I sure can bake myself a cake!"

This one is from the Cheesecake book -
Junior's Cheesecake to Die For. Interesting combination which was well liked by people who tried it. My sis friend took a 2nd helping for this cake and some other testers loved it as well.

I personally cannot really accept the combination though. This cake is very rich and the chocolate is sweet while the cheesecake had a tinge of saltiness in it, making this a sweet and salty cake. Hub said the same too!

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DG said...

Happy belated birthday to you.
I love your blog and good to see you blogging again.

Your Devil's Chocolate Cheesecake looks very delicious, do you mind to share the recipe.

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