Thursday, April 02, 2009

Kuih Koci / Kuih Dadar

After a trip to Malacca in the earlier part of March, my mind was full of Kuih Koci, a Kuih Koci which I tried at Malacca that has a greyish skin and a not very sweet cocount filling. It was made from a resident home and sold at a Pasa Malam. Baba CharAli is the store's name if I am not wrong. The kuihs are snapped up quicky at the home as well as the pasa malam at night. You have to be there early if you want to get a variety of kuehs.

I regretted not staying overnight in Malacca. The next time I go, I will stay over for at least a night so that we have more time to explore the place.

Till my next trip, I started exploring making kuihs on my own. I went through my recipe books and found a recipe from Debbie Toh's - Underwraps and tried it. It was nice and my MIL loved it. I used some of the coconut to make kuih dadar. The first round of kuih dadar that I made was not successful. Too many eggs and smelt like egg crepe. I did a second time the following day. This time round another recipe with less eggs and also added a spoonful of tapicca flour to make it slightly chewy. It was a success. These kuihs are laddened with coconut and not advisable to eat in large quantities.

Babi Ponteh is the next dish in line but have not thought of when I should be making it though.

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Home Sweet Home said...

Kuih/kue dadar gulung (the green one)... I like it very much. ehmm .... yummy.